PROMISE Empowering Progress: Second Result Collection Workshop Elevates PROMISE Project's Impact


The second result collection workshop was held on 2 July 2023 in Maldives for the project teams of Maldives National University(MNU) and Parley for the Oceans. A total of 9 team members participated in the training which was facilitated by Mr. Vikas Singh (Associate Principal) and Ms. Shreya Pakrashi (Consultant) STENUM Asia.

The focus of the workshop was to equip the project team with knowledge about result collection of the implementations taking place in the enterprises under the PROMISE project. The workshop included two components - a classroom session and visit to 5 participating enterprises for result collection.

The classroom session was designed to help the team members understand the different data required for filling out the result collection sheet. The teams were given different case studies to understand the implementations and calculate the savings. The visit to enterprises helped the team gain practical experience in collecting data on the implementations and filling out the result collection sheet. The other topics of the workshop included, using Progress Monitoring Reports (PMRs), and creating showcases to highlight the project’s implementations. 

Using a structured approach, feedback was collected from the team members both before and after the workshop. This allowed us to assess the impact of the workshop and identify areas for further improvement. With the completion of the workshop, the Maldives team is now prepared to monitor the results of the implementations in the participating enterprises under the PROMISE project.