PROMISE Project at the EU SWITCH-Asia Internal Thematic Meeting on Plastics


The first of a series of internal thematic cluster consultative and brainstorming meetings involving country EU Delegations, National Focal Points of partner countries, stakeholders from grant projects, as well as selected regional and international partners was held virtually on 7th July 2021. Hosted by the SWITCH-Asia SCP Facility, the meeting was designed to increase understanding of Asia countries’ diversity and shared priorities regarding plastics, to exchange experiences among Asian and European experts on the efforts needed for systemic changes, and to inform stakeholders of the SWITCH-Asia program’s learning experiences and achievements on plastics.

Dr. Abdulla Nazeer, Project Manager of the PROMISE Project gave a presentation on how national policy and consumers can be engaged on the issues of marine litter, and also highlighted some of the benefits of multi-partnership project setups. Over 60 participants representing various organizations were present at the meeting, and the experiences from implementing similar projects in other Asian countries such as Pakistan and Laos were presented as well. The meeting concluded with a panel discussion on plastics with international experts from GIZ, ICLEI, UNEP, and Break Free from Plastics.