SRI LANKA: Online dialogue with enterprises and other stakeholders from tourism sector


A virtual mobilization event for enterprises working in tourism sector was conducted by NCPC, Sri Lanka on the 8th July, 2021. The main purpose of this mobilization event is to disseminate the objectives and planned activities of PROMISE project and expected outcomes to the potential stakeholders including already applied organizations and potential applicants.

A total of 14 enterprises in the tourism sector, 1 academic institute and 1 hotel association participated with a total of 31 participants present in this online event. Mr. Gamini Gunasekera, the chairman of NCPC Sri Lanka warmly welcomed the audience stating the importance of marine pollution prevention. Eng. Samantha Kumarasena, CEO of NCPC Sri Lanka made the audience aware on the role of NCPC in Sri Lanka as the foremost sustainability solutions provider in the country.

The benefits that could be gained by the enterprises by implementing RECP measures were presented by Ms. Iresha Gurusinghe, Senior RECP Expert of NCPC Sri Lanka, with the emphasis on METABUILD project. Mr. Rajat Batra, CEO of STENUM Asia-India enlightened the audience by delivering two sessions about the PROMISE project and its approach and how this project supports in Resource Efficiency and thereby waste minimization on enterprises allied to the tourism sector.

At the end of the programme, a successful interactive session was conducted with the audience and it provided a better stage to discuss on PROMISE project with the panel consists of all the presenters.