Project Brief

  • Map out and identify the sources and consequences of marine litter along the Lakshadweep shorelines.
  • Support MSMEs from tourism clusters in the Maldives, Sri Lanka and India in implementing waste minimisation options in their business operations and overarching strategies.
  • Enable access to finance for MSMEs to implement high cost waste minimisation options.
  • Strengthen regional policy frameworks for waste management in coastal areas and contribute to reduced waste generation and littering in all three target countries.
  • Conceptualisation and initiation of ‘Lakshadweep Zero-Waste Alliance’.
  • Sensitise wider stakeholder network about the approaches to waste prevention.

Target Groups

The primary target groups of the action include both micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the tourism industry (i.e. resorts, hotels, guest houses, leisure services providers) as well as MSMEs directly catering to tourism industries (i.e. restaurants, retailers, convenience food manufacturers, beverage companies).  The other target groups include government institutions, consumers, associations and financial institutions.

Key Expected Results

The project is designed to deliver effective and efficient results considering all the above target groups in all the three focus cointries. Following are some key expected results of the project.